Erdenes-Tavantolgoi JSC holds all mineral licenses of Tavantolgoi deposit, except Ukhaakhudag and subfield of East Tsankhi. Tavantolgoi deposit, controlled by ErdenesTavantolgoi JSC, contains JORC-compliant resources1 of 7.4 billion tonnes of coal, 5.1 billion tonnes of which are coking coal. East and West Tsankhi mines are under operation: Total resources of 3 billion tonnes. 2.1 billion tonnes of coking coal. Expected to be increased, once updated JORC-compliant ITR is completed. 1 Norwest report, 2012


Erdenes-Tavantolgoi JSC was established on December 23, 2010 by the joint decree of the Parliament and Government of Mongolia solely for the purpose of utilising the Tavantolgoi Deposit. Under this mandate, the main objective of


Erdenes-Tavantolgoi JSC is to utilise this strategic deposit to the fullest extent by operating the mine with low production cost and streaming at competitive price. In order to achieve this objective, both Government of Mongolia and Erdenes-Tavantolgoi JSC are fully committed to implement infrastructure projects that would add significant value to the Tavantolgoi deposit, and assist the relative state owned enterprises to become the key player with competitive advantages in the respective markets.


PLANNED ACTIVITIES: Building a railway, and a parallel paved road between Tavantolgoi and Gashuunsukhait, and bringing it into preliminary operation by 2021. With commission of railway, and a parallel paved road, the total transportation capacity will reach 70 mtpa at Tavantolgoi to Gashuunsukhait road. 


• Obtaining advanced technologies and equipment to reduce cost of production. 


• Constructing a coal handling and processing plant with a capacity to handle 30 million tonnes per year. 


• Installing conveyor system to increase both efficiency and productivity