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Flyn McCarthy


SysEne Consulting Inc

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As a Principal at SysEne, Flyn has worked with large resource extraction corporations (/silver, oil/gas. diamonds, coal, and iron) to develop ISO 50001 energy/GHG reduction programs.  Flyn has 15 years of experience with energy management and power supply projects in the industrial sector. He has worked with sites around the world including Mexico, South America, Africa and the Middle East. He has performed the roles of auditor, project manager, energy manager and corporate energy manager. Flyn has an excellent understanding of how to help sites and head offices develop their energy conscience culture.

Prior to his employment at SysEne, Flyn was the corporate energy and emissions manager for Goldcorp Inc. one of the world’s largest silver and Gold producers. Flyn developed and led the Goldcorp corporate energy and emissions program. The corporate energy and emissions program centrally managed energy and emissions for 10 operational mines and 10 joint venture and care and maintenance mines around the world. He supported sites as project manager for power supply including brokering a 25year 220 MW PPA in Mexico, a 15 MW renewable power project in Argentina and numerous other small and medium solar and wind projects.

Flyn is a member of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta.  He holds B.A.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from UBC and also has a certification for ISO 14064 GHG Validation and Verification. Flyn has prepared GHG emissions reports using ISO 14064 at over 20 various mineral mining operations worldwide including GHG intensity evaluation GHG reduction quantification, monitoring, and reporting for mining. 

Flyn McCarthy
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