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Tracy Hughes

Founder & Executive Director

Critical Minerals Institute

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Tracy Hughes is the Founder, CEO, and Director of InvestorNews Inc., which operates, an independent market news source with over 120 million annual hits. Since 2001, InvestorNews has provided digital media services in the capital markets, representing several thousand companies worldwide. Tracy also co-founded the Critical Minerals Institute (CMI) in 2021, focusing on critical minerals essential for a decarbonized economy. She is the President and Director of 724 Capital Corp., a capital markets firm established in 2007.

Tracy's extensive business background includes co-founding REE Stocks PLC, the first FTSE recognized rare earths indices company, and partnering in Weslosky & Cowans Ltd., a boutique investment banking firm with an Exempt Market Dealers (EMD) license for eight years. She was the driving force behind the globally aired business television series DealFlow as both producer and host. With significant experience in marketing from her early career in the music industry in the 90s, Tracy holds a BA in Political Science from the University of Tennessee and is an award-winning producer, entrepreneur, and professional writer.

Tracy Hughes
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